What We Do
Marketing, Sales, and Production Strategies and Implamentation
Improving the production of goods and services is a key element in any continuous profit enhancement process. Whether it be reinforcing good sales and marketing practices or formulating creative new ones we can help.
   a) Studying current practices and competitive conditions.
   b) Analyzing manufacturing, product improvements and extensions.
   c) Creating product enhancement.
         i) New and improved systems and methods of production.
             1) Procurement.
             2) Work force strategies.
             3) Procurement
         ii) More cost effective and efficient products, production, and delivery.
   d) Analyzing market improvements and extensions.
   e) Analyzing opportunities for new and improved products.
    f) Studying sales and marketing staffing and organization.
   g) Creating marketing plans.
   h) Creating sales strategies and effective implementation processes and teams.
         i) Skill enhancement (from basic “how tos” to “focused leverage points”).
         ii) Organizational systems.
   i) Training and implementation.
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