What We Do
Merger and Aquisition Evaluation and Post Merger and Aquisition Integration and Cultural Restructuring
Having an experienced professional who knows both the M & A business and understanding your enterprise bring a very different perspective to helping you select and achieve your best opportunities.
   a) Studying current practices and competitive conditions.
   b) Analyzing the role of mergers and acquisitions in harnessing, and leveraging an
       organization’s strengths
       and opportunities against the prevailing weaknesses and threats, to build lasting value.
         i) Identifying and analyzing combination and purchase targets.
         ii) Creation of merger & acquisition strategies and plans.
         iii) Negotiating mergers or acquisitions of a target.
   c) Analyzing the role of mergers and acquisitions in selling business lines, units, or
       entire enterprises.
         i) Identifying and analyzing sales or merger targets.
         ii) Creation of merger & sales strategies and plans.
         iii) Negotiating mergers or sales to a target.
   d) Full service analysis of and plan for integration and cultural restructuring of
       combining enterprises.
   e) Provision of integration services, including training.
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