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  Title Description
  Re-engineering today Corporate process restructuring.
  NAFT: Boon or Disaster? Analysis of economic impact of NAFT.
  TQM: Not just a better product. Management concepts designed to motivate business to achieve superior performance.
  Finance & Banking  
  Disciplined Investors Don't Bet on Rates Using shape management to control investment portfolios.
  Legislation That Will Knock Your SOX Off! Applying Sarbanes-Oxley to the way Bank Managements and Boards of Directors approach fixed income portfolio management.
  Human Resources  
  Discrimination Suits Nuances of sexual harassment law siuts
  Employer foots the bill under the ADA Employer liability for penal damages when supervisors intentionally violate ADA
  Aids in the workplace Employers re required to accommodate individuals with AIDs unless doing so would constitute an "undue hardship;" i.e. , a "significant" difficulty or expense."
  Smoking in the workplace Given the severity of second-hand smoke, smokimg in the workplace should be band.
  First Amendment  
  First Amendment protection denied to newsstands How far the First Amendmant goes to protect newsstands on public property
  What price price-fixing If you don't want to go to jail you shouldn't fix prices!
  Succession Planning  
  Succession planning opportunities Effective succession planning a critical analysis of all aspects of the family-company relationship
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